CASA volunteers are a formidable force that fight to make sure the basic rights and needs of every child in need are met.  It is the CASA volunteer who advocates to ensure that a child who cannot live safely with his natural parents will be protected and given secure passage through and out of foster care.

There is no one else like a CASA volunteer. And they are in high demand.

Why should I be a CASA volunteer?

  • Because you believe that every child is born with the right to be loved, to be safe, to be treated with dignity and respect and to thrive, prosper, learn and grow.
  • Because too many families are in crisis and our system of well-intentioned people trying to place these children into better circumstances is still just a system, and an over-taxed one at that. Even with this system, a great need exists.
  • Because your commitment will make a critical, positive impact on a child’s life and there is no greater feeling.
  • Because there are still so many children in Orange County who need an advocate to fight for them.

Make a difference in a child’s life. Join us today!