Cindy’s Story


Cindy entered the system at age 4. The family had 12 previous referrals to the Child Abuse Registry. Cindy and her brother were still in the home with the parents who were both drug users. The father had a criminal record. The social service plan was to support the parents and keep the children in the home. The maternal grandmother was somewhat stable and was enlisted to help. At a team meeting , Mary recognized that the mom was high and she made a report to the Child Abuse Registry which precipitated Cindy and her brother finally being removed. Cindy was placed in a foster home which later became an adoptive home. It was the efforts of the advocate that brought Cindy to a stable and permanent environment.

The following quote is from the Case Supervisor:

“10 year old Cindy was finally adopted today!! Dressed in her Christmas dress she was indeed one happy girl. Her CASA, Mary, had been with her since Cindy was four. She and I both still marvel at this outcome because years ago our hope for a safe and nurturing future in a family seemed impossible for Cindy. The road to get here was long, full of twists, mixed emotions and challenges but today is indeed one JOYFUL day.”