casa pinwheel project

Sunday, May 21st, 9am-4pm
Dana Point Harbor

3,000+ out of 3,000 pinwheels
have been sponsored!

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Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) of Orange County displayed three thousand pinwheels on Sunday, May 21st, between 9am and 4pm at Dana Point Harbor (Dana Point Harbor Drive, Dana Point, CA 92629). This display was held in conjunction with Foster Care Awareness Month celebrated all through the month of May.

The pinwheels are representative of the children CASA-OC is currently serving with a trained and supported CASA volunteer (500), the children who have been referred to our agency from the Dependency Court and are currently on a wait list (250), and the remaining 2,250 children in the foster care system who make up some of the most vulnerable members of our community.

This outreach event is put on with the help and cooperation of the OC Parks Department and volunteers from the Capital Group and PIMCO. CASA-OC envisions a future where every child who wants a CASA volunteer to advocate and mentor them will have one.

Can you help make a difference in the life of a child in foster care by sponsoring a pinwheel for as little as $5?

Click here to see photographs from the event!

Pinwheel Donors

(names may take up to 24 hours to show)

Suzanne Tani
Kathryn & Dan Seebold
Lisa Tran
Cheryl Dong & Family
Jan Enns
Loretta & Ed Brown
Lisa Murdock
Johnna Horn
FP Transport LLC
Cathie Cardelucci
Courtney Janes
Kristen & Brian Gooding
Joannes Boman
Laura Kramer
Emma Donahue
Kristy Novakoff Fulgoni
Carrie Florer
Big Bear Cool Cabins
Ashley Rawls
The Joseph Family
Amber Portz
The Shadjareh Family
Cheri Joaquin
Tabitha Hunter
The Hill Family
Dorothy Goodman
Patti Patterson
Kim Harris
Lisa Hirose
Stacy Silva
In honor of Luis (former foster youth)
Merritt LaVigna
Debbie Masek
Gloria Capozzoli
Ann & Bob D'Unger
David Senn
Brianna Mendez
Sharon Broady
Brent Bacheller
Gail & Ron Waters
Francois Leclair
Debbie & Geoffrey Sampson
The McCallister Family
Lily Hou
Jill Krum
The Zentil Family
Penny Montalvo
Rose Anne Paton
Julie Doyle
Hilary Rue
Arabella and Ireland Foster

Matthew Wadlinger
Sylvia & Pete Novakoff
Secil Oz Ari
Curtis Tani
Brutus & Brecken Brown
Kelly Keyes
Tiffany Erica & Adam McCain
Payal Avellan
Retail & Company
Wendy Nowak
The Schneider Family
Kathleen Moore
Vivian Makar
Melissa Elitzak
Nina Chapman
South Orange County KAΘ Alumnae
Jane Horlings
Martha Binder
Iowa City-Cedar Rapids ΚΑΘ Alumnae Chapter
Lauren & Mike Alleva
Dr. & Mrs. Russ Hafer
In Memory of Audrey Bishop Cotton
Virginia DePaola
Andrew Kitchen Photography
Laurel Tippett
Orange County KAΘ Alumnae Chapter
Kristen McCarthy
The Bell Family
Polly Tracy
Virginia Nelson
Janine Wald
Kathi Smith
Steve Wadlinger
Danna Campbell
Barbara Phillips
Camille De La Rosa
Ralph Aloysius Wadlinger
Joseph Goodman
Barbara Searles
Lynn Joseph
Tenant Guardian
Ryan Bartz
Anita Kartic
Ron Herzig
Chasen & Lizzie Davis
Gus Chabre
Barb and Joel Zimmermann
Mr. & Mrs. Alan Bartz

Bart Brown
Marlene & Paul Pillen
Yvette Marquez
Michelle Oliveira
Brenda Sietsema
Sheri VanderDussen
Regan & Ben Phillips
Inga & Rob Marcereau
Jill Rawlinson-Baker
Dana & Patrick Strader
Todd Hanson
Michelle & David Fisher
Martha & Stephen Wadlinger
Brandon Bennett
In honor of Jan Enns
Connie Martin
In honor of Tony
Lynn Rapp
Christy Flanagan
Joseph Phillips
In Memory of Hammi Gucci Alfredo
Neary SpineWorks
Jamie Knollmiller
Marjie Zethraus
Liz Williams
Burnham Benefits
Connie Muramoto
Bonnie K. MacDonald
Donahue Schriber
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Humphrey
Louise Hall
Christine Matson
Sandy Kwiatkowski / Capital Group
Jennifer Gonzales Oxen
Jodi Kollar
Linda Naleway
Kelvin Ng
Kappa Alpha Theta - UCI
Lisa Brefini
Brett C. Rolfe & Jill A. Arias
Paul Bresenden
Amber Boggs
Mary Sabourin
The Hoff Family
Teri Robinson
Danna Campbell
Dexanne Clohan
David Senn
Michele Munoz
In honor of my former CASA kids