CASA Links - Morgan & Stephanie

Hello everyone! My name is Morgan Hirsch and this is my mother, Stephanie Hirsch. She is my role model and always encouraged me to be kind, love fully, and do good by others. We live in Orange County, CA and found CASA through my mother’s friend, who is also a CASA in the Bay Area. He talked to us about what CASA is, what it means and what it entails. After doing research of our own, we figured this would be a great agency to volunteer in. I was looking at volunteer experiences to add to my resume as I wanted to get my master’s in School Counseling. I figured this would be a perfect way to get experience. My mother is retired and wanted something to do with her extra time that was both meaningful and impactful. We both love to give back to the community and encourage others to do so as well! 

We looked up dates for CASA’s training and started. We have been volunteers for CASA since November of 2018 and officially became sworn in in December of 2018. It was great to go through training with someone that you know and it was even better/more convenient to carpool. The training was 30 hours which consisted of night classes and Saturday classes, but well worth it! We became so informed and loved hearing from the guest speakers. 

We love the purpose of CASA and what it stands for. Being a voice for the children who have been abused, neglected, are in a foster home or group home. Being able to build that special relationship with a child/teenager, though it may be challenging at times, is always uplifting and empowering. Not only do you make that difference in your Youth’s life, but it also makes you grateful and appreciative of all that you have. 

I truly encourage everyone who reads this or is thinking about CASA to jump in and join! I am going to be real with you, sometimes it is devastating or exhausting, but it is always worth it to do good by others and help them out. The smallest gesture could be so moving to these children. There are so many youths (currently 225 in OC) that need someone to be there for them, support them, and be their voice. You won’t know unless you go for it and take the chance! Even if you just sign up for an information session, you are still gaining knowledge and information, and now can spread the word to people you know as well. I hope you do it! We love being CASA’s!

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