Ode to CASAs

CASA-OC is immensely grateful to our hardworking and dedicated volunteers. We appreciate the challenges that can come with the CASA role. We want to assure you that you are valued. Our agency could not exist without you.

Ode to CASAs

Sugar and spice and everything nice

Emails and meetings and court reports to write

Patience, compassion, and lots of driving too

The ability and willingness to put yourself in your youth’s shoes

So many acronyms it’s like alphabet soup!

Joy and laughter, but a little heartache too

Phone calls to make and outings to plan

“Just 25 bucks a visit? I’m not sure I can!”

30 hours of training is just the beginning

Creating advocacy goals keeps heads spinning

Typical teenager that cancels at the last minute

Biting your tongue when you hear language that’s explicit

Social worker email addresses are the longest you’ve ever seen

Hours in court sometimes makes you want to scream

Sometimes you’re unsure of the impact you make

But you don’t give up because you know what’s at stake.

One year or two, maybe 10 plus years down the line

You get a call from your kiddo thanking you for your time

Or maybe on that initial meeting you’re surprised with a hug

So unexpected that you can’t wipe the grin off your mug

Baking adventures and maybe a tantrum here and there

You take it in stride because you know they are scared

New memories, new challenges, and sometimes defeat

No matter what comes your way your heart won’t let you retreat.

© 2017 Amber Boggs

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