Our Commitment to Justice and Advocacy

CASA was founded upon the principles of justice and advocacy for the most powerless and vulnerable among us.  Implicit within our mission is the belief that our voice is our most powerful tool and it can and should be used to create positive and meaningful change.  CASA's commitment to justice and advocacy on behalf of voices that aren't easily heard or regarded can be summed up in our often used catch phrase: "Lift up a child's voice.  Lift up a child's life."

As part of the CASA community you are important to the children and youth who desperately need to feel seen, to feel safe, and to be supported.  People of color are disproportionately represented within the foster care system. There are inherent and pervasive inequalities within the system and within our society that result in harm to the children CASA serves, and to their families and communities.        

We are witnessing a physical manifestation of pain, outrage, and unrest in response to racial injustice playing out across our country and the globe; all of which is set against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic.  There is a heavy emotional toll for anyone paying attention, and we are particularly mindful how this is impacting the youth we serve, the advocates who support them, and our entire CASA community.  Our team will be continuing to share out resources with our advocates about how to best support our youth during these difficult times and how to navigate questions and conversations that may arise in a way that allows our youth to process, learn, and explore ways for self-care.  In the meantime, we will continue to use our voices to speak up and speak out in support of justice, peace, connection, and unity.

change a child's story™